Friday, July 3, 2009

A Happy Co-Sleeping Family

Well, with all of the questions and doubts and adjustments, our family has found our sleeping solution!  As I mentioned previously, we were doing the whole "other room" thing and my husband and I weren't sleeping together as I was sleeping with my son.  We were going to try the "daddy calms him in the middle of the night in his crib" approach but that didn't exactly work.  Not because we tried and failed, but rather because we just all wanted to be together and it didn't feel right putting Pierce in a room across the house.  So, we gave it a shot and Pierce went to sleep with us in our bed a couple of weeks ago.  He's been so happy and sleeping so well and Dana and I are so happy also.  We all get to be together, everyone is getting proper rest, and we say every night how special it is that we can all be so close.  I am so lucky to have a husband who is supportive and in love with our son as I am.  He supports this whole attachment parenting philosophy that I am practicing and he is a wonderful attachment parent as well.  It's so interesting how much you go through before you find what really works.  You doubt yourself along the way, you have disagreements, you stand for what you believe in, you realize you share the same views and then you find your path.  We have found ours after various trials and I am so grateful and enjoying every second with my family.  Pierce wakes up every morning and puts his head on my belly and says, "Baaaaaabbbbbyyyyy!"  It is too precious and the smile on his face and all of our faces in the morning definitely remind us that we have found what works for our family.  Just as I've said about trusting your instincts regarding breastfeeding, I feel the same about your family and your sleeping situation.  If the crib works and you are all happy… excellent.  If you can all share a family bed comfortably… fabulous!  I told Dana that since we found out we are having another boy, I don't need to start all over with pink and green baby stuff and we'll save a lot of money.  Sooooooooo, my new request simply is an extra large (if there is anything out there larger than a king) bed to accommodate our growing family.  Ahhhh.... isn’t life sweet?  Happy 4th all and enjoy your holiday weekend!  

Sandy Frankfort

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  2. Hi Sandy! I co-slept with my daughter until she was just over a year old and then switched to a toddler bed. I never had any trouble with her sleeping in her own bed once we transitioned (for all the naysayers of co-sleeping). My daughter never liked the crib (we tried). I am now a believer in co-sleeping and attachment parenting. We will do it again with the next baby.

    Great post! :) Found you on MBC.