Friday, December 30, 2011


I love Mayim so much. She is so smart and wise and I have such respect for her. Mayim calls herself “an accidental advocate for attachment parenting,” but still enjoys helping other moms trust their own instincts. “I don’t really think that I have any authority to write a parenting book,” she says, “so basically, I wrote what this style of parenting looks like in our own house. Well said and exactly how I stand for what I do as a mother. I don't judge others, I can only say what it looks like in my house and in my experience. Looking forward to the book!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unsupportive Support: Cultural Breastfeeding Ignorance...toddlers (Click Here to Read)

This is a great article on lack of support in regard to extended nursing.  I've learned that support would be lovely but I don't need it nor am I afraid of the judgement.  I am proud and grateful for the gift of this time and the nursing relationship I've had thus far with my boys.  To those of you that are offended, what is it that bothers you so much or what are you afraid of?  I'd also love to hear from those of you nursing beyond that time most people are comfortable with.  How are things going for you?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Click here to read: Interview with Mayim Bialik

This is an excellent article on one of my favorite attachment parenting mamas..Mayim Bialik!
Here's an excerpt from it....I just love her and relate to her so much.  It's amazing when you find a like-minded person in the world that makes you realize you are not alone. Thank you Mayim.  You have my deep respect.

"Our parenting style relies heavily on intuitive knowledge that all mammals are born with: stay close to your baby as much as possible, sleep near them, breastfeed them as if there is no other option, carry them close to your body, and don’t force them to sleep when you want them to sleep or eat when you want them to eat. We believe in honoring the human body and its ability to birth naturally and produce milk, and we believe in not viewing a baby as a manipulator or a clingy dependent being that needs to be made independent as soon as possible. Healthy dependence leads to healthy independence in time. The book includes introductions to human hormones of attachment, birth, breastfeeding, and early bonding, but it basically opens up our home to readers by showing what these principles look like in action. I don’t sugarcoat anything; it’s exhausting to be any kind of parent, and I don’t presume to know how you should parent; I simply share what works for us and how you can implement even parts of an intuitive style to make your life easier and your kids hopefully confident and secure and loved."

Her new book "Beyond the Sling" will be released in March 2012.  

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Breastfeeding-Our Country's Lactation Intolerance

This is a great article about the new breastfeeding doll that is apparently creating a lot of controversy here in the US.  It is just so sad to me that, for the most part, our country supports and is comfortable with bottles nourishing babies  and yet, so uncomfortable with the breast as an object of nourishment.  The fact that people are saying this doll is "sexualizing" children and that it "grosses them out" is appalling.  I truly wish people would embrace or simply accept the beautiful and miraculous gift that our breasts were intended for. I support all of you breastfeeding mamas out there! You are amazing!

Sandy Frankfort

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