Thursday, August 6, 2009

To Each Her Own...

I am writing today about how different we all are as Mothers and how that really should just be ok. I am finding, in my experience, that people don't seem to have a problem telling me what or how to do something in terms of mothering my child. They give me their bossy opinions when I don't ask for them and they continue to tell me what I seem to be doing wrong. I find this all so interesting and of course bothersome, yet I want to make peace with it so I don't have to continue getting upset. I am a very PROUD attachment parent. I, as well as my husband, am in agreement with how we are raising our son. That is all that matters to me. Everyone else can raise their children however they choose to and you don't ever have to worry about me judging or throwing in my 2 cents about how you're doing it. So, I ask that you do the same for me. It doesn't seem to be enough that I feel completely confident and grounded in my decisions or my mothering style. I used to think that's why people felt they could say the things they did. They found a weakness and wanted to play on that. Well, I definitely don't feel weak and I definitely love the love in our home and the product of all of our choices, our beautiful son. We are all doing our best to figure things out daily in taking care of our children, our partner, and ourselves. I am sharing this because I want you to believe in yourself and know that other people who question what you are doing, especially when it's based in Love and your motherly instinct, are coming from a place that you don't have to accept. Just smile and say, "It's working for us" or "Thank you for sharing." Don't doubt yourself and try not to let it aggravate you as I have let it aggravate me. I am letting go of that and moving on. I love being a mom and my husband is a wonderful father. We are so happy and confident in our parenting style. Our son is such proof that it is all working out over here. He is a pure, sweet, kind, generous, independent and happy boy. That is once again, all that matters to me. Have a beautiful day!

Sandy Frankfort

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