Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I just can't let him cry... here I am again, not feeling comfortable about all of these changes I'm supposed to be making for Pierce. I just met a woman with 3 kids at lunch and we got into talking about how we don't sleep much. Her youngest is a year old. I said, "my son is almost 16 months and I'm still not sleeping much either." She said, "I just can't let her cry." Well, I'm with you sister. I can't either and that has been my problem. I know so many people do the various sleep training methods out there and I know they work for them. They have babies sleeping through the night in their own rooms at 2 months old. They are sleeping and well rested for the adventures to come the next day. I have to tell you that I am not complaining. I feel that my son will not be this young forever, he will not need me this way forever, and I will be sleeping all night for the rest of my life again soon. I am watching him grow so fast before my eyes and I look at the big picture and savor these moments and these times with him and know that it will all work out just fine. The only things that ever make me doubt myself are the comments made by other people. When Pierce was born I was bombarded with opinions and I actually sometimes doubted my choices and myself. That was very uncomfortable because my instincts were so strong and so natural and coming from a place of PURE LOVE. I finally realized that I had to trust myself and I no longer doubted my mothering style or my choices and our family was much happier once I realized this. I have not let people affect my decisions or choices in my mothering style since. This plan to adjust the sleeping situation is on hold at the moment because my husband is having a hard time doing it also. So for now, we will do the best we can and continue to love each other and love our son. My morning sickness is getting better and my belly has popped. I do love being pregnant and I love being a mom. These times are going by too fast already. I will never say I didn't enjoy or appreciate every moment and my son will never say he wasn't loved. That's what matters to me. Goodnight all and I love hearing from you.

Sandy Frankfort

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  1. I know how tough it is, not letting your baby cry it out. I do it during naptime, and it still makes me feel guilty... but it's been working for us. I co-slept with my baby half the night, up until this past week. Now, I have to force myself to keep him in his crib throughout the night. I'm actually weaning MYSELF! My son, on the other hand, could care less. :-) His crib is still in my room, because I'm sooo not ready to let him sleep all alone through the night.

  2. I know it can be hard to not let them cry it out. I hads the same problem and never found a solotion lol. These times don't last very long, so you have to cherish them while you can.

  3. What a great post. It's tough being a mom!

    P.S. I'm following you from the Follow Me Club/MBC! What an awesome blog!

  4. I also could never let them cry. My oldest slept in our bed until his sister was on the was (he was 2.5). He transistioned to a double bed with no issues. My daughter is 3 and still sometimes sleeps with us, I just love the cuddling that I know will be gone soon. As for the crying NOW...You get over it, lol.

    I'm following you through MBC!

  5. Hi! I'm following from the MBC followers club!

  6. Love your blog. We havelots in common - yay - always a pleasure to find following from MBC.
    I wrote a couple posts about sleep, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and CIO. I am posting them here if you are interested.
    See you again!
    Breastfeeding Moms Unite

  7. Great blog!
    My daughter actually started sleeping through the night on her own at 6 weeks (I am not bragging, I am actually complaining). I lost countless hours of sleep making sure that she was breathing like a paranoid first time mom.

    We have now moved to a bigger apartment and my husband made me move the crib into her own room. Threats of divorce from my end followed (haha) but then I realized I would be ok.

    Now, I find myself making noise next to her door at night hoping something will wake her up so that I will have an excuse to go in and cuddle her.

    Don't let anyone make you doubt your mothering style! You are MOM and you are fabulous!

  8. I could never let my son cry as well. He is 13 mos old - still co-sleeping and still waking up at least once a month. But like you - I agree that he won't be small forever so I am doing what works for me. So sick of the opinions of others:)