Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in tandem nursing and co-sleeping

I'm in bed with both boys asleep next to me and so happy to be writing a new post! It's been too long and I've had so much to share and yet, so little all mothers understand.  

I'm currently nursing my 27 month old, Pierce and my 6 month old, Aston.  It has been interesting and every day truly is an adventure.  I love the fact that Pierce is not jealous of his brother.  I believe it's because he shares and bonds in this experience that once was his and now is theirs.  They hold hands, smile at each other and nurse on their Mommy with a comfort in knowing they are loved and nurtured more than anything.  

I feel completely comfortable with my choices although many people will question me and certainly judge.  I am ok with that.  The boy's pediatrician, whom I love and respect, had "the talk" with me also.  I told her that I just am not ready to let go and I know it will happen one day and it will all work out.  So far, everything else has.  

Co-sleeping is the greatest and tandem nursing allows me to get both boys to bed at the same time.  Pierce has always co-slept with us and when we brought Aston home from the hospital, he slept so well at night right away.  I just have him on the other side of me and after they both nurse, they both go to sleep.  It makes for such easy access and more comfort for everyone.  I usually have the tiniest bit of space for myself between them in bed because they both want to be right against me.

I can't tell you how amazing both of these experiences are.  Even with the once and awhile-sleepless nights, the limited space in bed, and the physical demands of nursing two, I wouldn't change any of it for any thing.  I truly understand the "Life is Short" and "It goes by too fast" sayings.  I cherish and savor every single second with my boys and with my family.  I do not have any regrets and the sacrifices made during this time are so worth it.  One day, too soon, my boys won't be sleeping with me and won't be drinking my milk and looking up at me with their sweet and innocent eyes.  

I am getting back to business with my baby wraps and starting to feel great again.  After a rough pregnancy and many months of little sleep, I am feeling strong and healthy. I have so much more to say and will continue to write more often.  I would love to hear about your experiences so please share with me! 

There is nothing like feeding life to life.  It is an absolute miracle and joy every day.  I feel so lucky to have enough milk to sustain my baby boy and to nurture my big baby boy at the same time.  I often say "mooooooooooooo" as I lay with both boys on my breasts at once because a cow, I can definitely relate to now!

Much Love and Luck in your own adventures.

Sandy Frankfort

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  1. Fab blog doll! I checked up on you to see if you were honest! Sure enough.. you were! Haaa! Nice! There is nothing like confidence and security in thy self! When the foundation of your choices is "love" then I see WIN! Life works itself out and everyone has a plan. You are a supurbly loving, and generous Mother! I know your boys will always get that as long as you always do! I loved reading the part where you are excited to start living again... I know you are working hard and you are leading by example. I like this new transition where you give and give and figure out that it is possible to give and also have time for yourself! Soooo Important!!!! Fab!!! Brill!!! Love you! Ps.. You have lost some baby weight!!! I see it and it is motivating me. xo Pss....that pic at the top was accurate! :)

  2. Hi. I love your blog!!!! It is very informational. I just love it. I love your relationship with your two kids. You are a cool and very loving mom. I'm so glad to have come across your blog. Thanks. :-)

  3. Thank you Edie!!! I'm so happy to hear from you and I appreciate your kindness! Do you have kids? Tell me more! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for visiting!